In METU registration has two steps;

Submission of Required Documents

The International Students' Office will register you to the University upon submission of the requested documents listed in Before Arriving in Ankara. The International Students Office is at the center of the campus where the University Rector's Office (Rektörlük) is located. It is on the ground floor. The ordinary registration process is also valid for GeT MA students.

Please check: How Will You Register?

For all important dates: METU Academic Calendar

Interactive Course Registration and Advisor Approvals

For interactive registration, students must use the Student Affairs Information System. As its name indicates, it is an interactive online system where you can check the available courses offered by the various programs, view course schedules and instructor information, register courses, add and drop courses, check your unofficial grade summary, as well as view your grades and academic record. At the beginning of each semester, students must use this program to register themselves. Please see;

Advisor Approval

This is the most important phase of the interactive registration process. Prof. Dr. Özlem Tür (Program Coordinator) will be assigned as your advisor. After you add all the courses to the system within the days assigned for interactive registration and advisor approvals, the courses must be approved by your advisor. You will visit Dr. Tür's office during her office hours; enter your user id and password in her computer. She will check your courses and then will approve you in the system or advise you to take other courses. Once your status is approved you can not make any changes in your system. If you do not get advisor approval by the deadline this means you are dismissed as a student.

Add-Drop Period

You can add and drop courses during this period. However, you need to get your advisor approval if you make any changes. Please see the METU Academic Calendar for the dates.

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