German-Turkish Masters Program in Social Sciences

The German-Turkish Masters Program in Social Sciences (GeT-MA) is a unique, interdisciplinary, integrated Masters Program at the Institute of Social Sciences at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and at METUs Graduate School of Social Sciences. All students attend their first year of studies in Ankara and their second year in Berlin.

GeT MA students can enlarge their knowledge on political processes in both countries and regions of Europe as well as can cultivate the analytical and methodological tools used in comparative government, integration theories, and social change. The Program has a special focus on democratization and modernization, migration and Europeanization.

Courses in Political Science, Sociology and International Relations offer students a specialized perspective on politics and society in Turkey and Germany, German-Turkish relations as well as the European dimension of domestic and foreign politics in both countries. Furthermore, students gain practical experience through an internship in either Turkey or Germany between their first and second year.

Language of instruction is English.

Upon completion of the program, a Dual-Master of Arts in Social Sciences is awarded from both Humboldt and METU. The GeT MA prepares students for international careers in government agencies, NGOs, administration, journalism and in research.

The GeT MA welcomes applications from students worldwide who have obtained a BA or equivalent in a relevant subject and possess English.

Purpose and Education

The German Turkish Masters Program (GeT MA) is an interdisciplinary and integrated masters program in social sciences where GeT MA students find opportunity to expand their empirical knowledge on political processes in Germany and Turkey as well as on other regions of Europe, focusing on topics such as modernization and democratization, europeanization and migration.

The GeT MA curriculum focuses mainly on three distinct areas:

  • Politics and Society in Turkey; Turkey as a regional and international player;
  • Politics and Society in Germany; Germany as a regional and international player;
  • European Integration, European Institutions, Europeanization, European politics of Turkey and Germany.

Joint Teaching

A specific characteristic of GeT MA is the concept of 'Joint-Teaching': At least one course of semesters I to III is jointly taught by faculty from both partner universities. By coming into contact with the experienced teaching staff from both universities throughout the program, GeT MA students become familiar with topics and research themes from German and Turkish perspectives, experience individual teaching styles and gain insights into the respective university systems.


Teaching and research have a clear interdisciplinary focus: all modules and courses cover – in addition to the main focus on political science – sociological, cultural and economical questions. This approach becomes manifest through the participation of professors from different academic disciplines and backgrounds.

Course Variety

Electives allow students to specialize on specific themes from the start on. They can chose from a variety of courses offered by both universities, which for example cover:

  • Comparative Government
  • Global Politics and European Integration
  • Social Transformation
  • European and TransAtlantic Studies
  • International Relations
  • Language of Instruction

At both universities, the language of instruction for GeT MA courses is English. Students have the opportunity to study German and Turkish throughout the program. Students who are already proficient in both languages may choose to enroll in courses in a third language.

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