GeT MA – the German Turkish Masters Program in Social Sciences – is an interdisciplinary two-year program and offers academic teaching in a large variety of topics in the field of social sciences such as modernization and democratization, Europeanization and migration. While studying in Berlin and Ankara, students deepen their empirical knowledge of political processes using Germany, Turkey and other regions of Europe as examples: "Our aim is to do research together rather than about each other."

Teaching and Research

Teaching and research aim at integrating the perspectives of different sub-disciplines of social sciences. In addition to approaches from Political Science and Sociology, cultural and economic questions are also incorporated in the courses. This approach becomes manifest through the participation of highly qualified professors from different academic disciplines and backgrounds. Furthermore, students can take courses from other disciplins with a specific academic focus within the elective module, thereby strengthening their understanding of subjects related to a variety of disciplines.

Joint Teaching

A specific characteristic of GeT MA is the concept of Joint-Teaching: One course in every semester is jointly taught by faculty from both universities. This is realized with the help of video conferences and faculty mobility. In addition, these courses are more research oriented than normal seminars and thus allow students to develop their research skills already before starting with their final thesis.

GeT MA course By getting into contact with the experienced teaching staff from Germany and Turkey, GeT MA students become familiar with various research topics, different perspectives, experience individual teaching styles and enjoy the assets of the two university systems. This also enables students to integrate a comparative perspective on similar issues in other regions.


The courses of the study program offer a specialized perspective on current academic and political debates in these fields by using the examples of Turkey and Germany:

Looking at the interplay of politics and society in German-Turkish relations as well as the European dimension of domestic and foreign politics in both countries will help students to cultivate the theoretical and methodical tools used in comparative politics, integration studies, and analyses of social and political change.

Additional Courses

Most GeT MA courses are taught specifically for GeT MA students, some may be conducted together with our other international MA programs. In addition, electives that are related to the topics of the GeT MA study program and allow students to acquire a broader perspective can be chosen from the course catalogues of both universities and other universities in Berlin.

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