Finding a Home & Housing Options

METU has three types of campus dormitories; State, Semi-Private and Private. All dormitories provide bedding. Meals are not included in the fee, but dormitories have cafeterias where students can eat breakfast and other meals for a nominal cost. All dormitories are located in the same general area by the campus shopping center where there banks, a post office. Nearby is the campus medical center as well as sports facilities. The shopping center has a variety of eateries open daily, including weekends and holidays. Municipal buses and private minibuses ('dolmuş') run regularly every day, including weekends and holidays, from early morning until midnight to and from main parts of the city.

At the beginning of each semester at METU students apply to stay in dorms. For GeT MA students, we do it in advance on your behalf. Yet, you must contact program assistant and inform him before the deadline underlined in the e-mails sent from our side. The dormitory management can only provide a limited number of rooms in certain dormitories for graduate students. The names of GeT MA students will be provided to the dormitory management. To register dorms, you will need some documents -which can be provided easily- as well as the cost of month's stay, including the deposit payment. You can stay in the dorms and then leave if you are planning to live in a flat.

For more information on our dorms please see Dormitories.

Students may also rent a flat, or may arrange to share flats in districts near the campus. The terms of a lease are up to the owner and the renter. Generally, owners require tenants to sign one-year leases and ask for one month's deposit in addition to an advance payment. The Accommodations Office, the International Students and Study Abroad Office, and METU have no legal responsibilities for the off-campus listings provided to students. Most of the students prefer checking nearby neighborhoods such as Yüzüncü Yıl, Ayrancı, Bahçelievler etc.

When you go to the Medical Center

If you need a medical examination, first go to the electronic machine to get a "que number" pass with your METU student card. With that que number you will have to ask for a medical doctor visiting number with respect to your health problem. To see a doctor you have to pay only 1,00 ₺.

Doctor's Note

When you are too sick to go to class or sit an examination you need to take a doctor's note. This note should be taken either from a doctor in the Medical Center or from a state hospital in Ankara. Students can take make-up examinations if they have an approved doctor's note.

If you get sick during national holidays or when the school is closed you can take a doctor's note from hospitals outside Ankara. The doctor's note must always be approved by the Medical Center.

Medical Center is located next to the Dormitory No: 2

Tel (from 8:30 to 17:00): +90 312 210 4968
Tel (after working hours): +90 312 210 4960
Fax: +90 312 210 1365 – 210 4999

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