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Middle East Technical University is located in Ankara. Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is a city of approximately 5,2 million people. It lies at the center of the Anatolian Plateau at an altitude of 850 meters (3000 feet). A city of embassies and governmental offices located at the cross-roads between East and West, North and South, Ankara provides a unique opportunity to follow, at close range, rapid changes in world politics and governmental economic policies in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Historically, Ankara's origins date back to a Hittite settlement in the 2nd millennium BC. At one time it was an outpost of the Roman Empire. It became the capital of Turkey in 1923.The modern Republic of Turkey, geographically part of Europe and Asia, was founded in 1923 as a secular state with a parliamentary system of government. The official language is Turkish.The Turkish Currency is the Turkish Lira (₺).

From Airport to the City Center

Many international students will be arriving at Ankara's airport, Esenboğa. You will find that going through passport and customs control is fairly easy as long as your passport and student visa are in order and you are not bringing in goods that are prohibited by Turkish law. Do check with the Turkish Consulate before coming, particularly if you are planning to bring in electronic equipment. If you do not have Turkish Liras with you, you will need to exchange some foreign currency at the airport. There are currency exchange windows conveniently located near the entrance doors. Porters may pick up your bags from the baggage carousel for a small amount of money. If you want to carry your own bags, do not hesitate to say no and take your own bags.

Transportation from the airport to the central part of the city is convenient. "BELKO" is the bus service that runs from the airport to the bus terminal (which is called AŞTİ) and the city center. You will find it located outside the baggage-claim area. The ticket, which is to be purchased on the bus is paid in Turkish Lira (12,00 ₺). Once in the city, you can readily find a taxi to take you to your destination. All taxis in Turkey are metered. You pay what is on the meter; a tip is not expected. Taxis are also available at the airport.

City Guide of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality would be helpful to learn more information on our city.

Getting to METU

The A1 entrance gate of METU Campus is 7 km away from the city center on Eskisehir Highway. There are other entrance gates like A4, which is in the direction of 100. Yıl (Yüzüncü Yıl) and A7, which is situated on the Bilkent way. It is possible to reach the METU campus by subway, public buses, minibuses (in Turkish we call dolmuş) and taxi. Kızılay is the center of the city where you can access all types of public transport. There is a central park called “Güven Park” there you can find minibuses and access subway to come to A1 gate of the campus. Keep in mind that if you take subway you will come to gate, and then you will need to continue on foot or take a METU Shuttles. Minibuses work even inside of the campus. Once you reached our campus every student can speak English and please do not hesistate to ask help if you inneed of

Hint: Turkish name for METU is ODTÜ, therefore look for ODTÜ signs in the public transport.

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